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The WNXL is a dream brought to life by a player base, an industry and field owners who believe that the time has come for more girls and women to compete in the sport of paintball. 


The simple fact is, not enough women are playing in a game that has always been one of the most inclusive of everyone regardless of age, skill or gender. Their husbands, boyfriends, brothers all play but lots of girls don’t ever get involved much beyond the pits. 


The goal of the WNXL is to change that.


We do it by creating a division where girls and women can compete competitively, showcase their talent and become visible role models for other ladies to aspire to. We shine a spotlight on our pioneers, the ones who hope to inspire more young girls to get involved, to find their tribe and build up their confidence. 


Paintball is a generational sport, the daughters of some of our most veteran and talented players have a torch to carry. 


The WNXL, it’s teams and it’s athletes are proud to help create a path down which they may journey. 

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