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  • Register with Paintball Leagues International (first time users) Go to the PBLI website and click "Create Account" link at the top 

  • Fill in the form and click the "Create Account & Continue" at the bottom of the page

  • CONGRATS you are now registered with Paintball Leagues International!

  • After registering, you will receive an email with your Player ID # 

  • Go back to PBLI website and "log in", then click your name drop down at the top right of screen and select "My Profile"

  • Click the "Edit Profile" tab, then fill in the contact information, including your profile photo

  • Returning players / lost log in information

  • If you cannot remember your login and/or password information to access your PBLI account, click "log in" then "forgot your password" or click HERE

  • If you cannot recover your account through that page, please e-mail :

  • Register your team on PBLI

  • Go to the PBLI website

  • Click on the "My Teams" button on the top of the page  - Log in to your account if aren't already

  • Click the "Register a New Team" link and fill in the form

  • Add Players to your team

  • Log in to your PBLI account 

  • Click the "Your Teams" button at the top of the page

  • Click the "Team Membership" link attached to your team name

  • Ask your teammates to provide you with their PBLI ID # (ex. 12345-6789)

  • Add player ID # then select role ("Player" or "Staff")

  • Register your team for an NXL event

  • To compete in an NXL event, you must register your team and pay appropriate registration fees

  • Go to the NXL Events Page on the PBLI website

  • Select which NXL event you wish to compete in 

  • Click the "Register Your Team" link

  • Under "Register" click your team you wish to register in the event then proceed to provide division and contact number

  • Click "Submit Roster"

  • Pay player registration & team entry fees

  • Go to the PBLI website

  • Click on the NXL Events Page then find the "Get ID Card" link

  • Follow the link to pay player ID card fees

  • Then lastly, click the "See Team List and Pay Entry Fees" link

  • Find your team name and click the "PayPal" button to pay your team entry fees (spot is not guaranteed until paid in full)

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You've just registered and paid for your team to compete in the NXL!

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