2020 NXL World Cup Trade Show Guidelines


Social Distance (6 feet apart)

If you cannot social distance; wear a mask.


Hours of Operation

The parking lot opens at 8:00 am Wednesday and 5:00 am Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the

site opens at 5:30 am. The gates close at 6:00 pm every night, with the Trade Show open from 8:00 AM –

5:00 PM. On Sunday, you may begin breaking down your booth at 4:00 PM and can stay on-site breaking

down until dusk. We will not be able to operate heavy machinery within the trade show during

spectator hours. Games are estimated to run from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

Booth Footprint (and signage outside of your booth)

Signage, product, displays, etc. are not allowed outside of your booth footprint. Platinum sponsors (only

Platinum sponsors) are allowed up to a 3 ft x 5 ft sign in front of their booth. The NXL reserves the right to

close/fence off a portion of your footprint that should not be open to the public (such as a staging walkway).

Event Merchandise and Product Restrictions

Only the NXL is allowed to sell event merchandise such as Event Shirts and Souvenirs. Only authorized

vendors are allowed to sell, distribute and/or hand out food and/or beverages. Only current NXL Paint

Sponsors are allowed to sell and/or distribute paint. The NXL reserves the right to restrict the sales or

promotions of any items. Use of the NXL logo or having “World Cup” on products is not allowed without

written consent from the NXL.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage may only be sold by the NXL. If you are looking to provide hospitality drinks to

customers (non-alcoholic, water, alcohol), let our staff know and we will provide you with a price list.

Grandstand and VIP Passes

Grandstand/VIP tickets can be purchased at the NXL ticket booth.


Parking Passes will be provided to you based on the size of space you have rented. Should you need

additional parking, you are welcome to use the free general parking lot. Absolutely no parking is allowed

outside of these parking lots (such as trying to park behind your booth) and for safety reasons, there is no

driving to your booth during show hours.

Daily Clean Up

Please breakdown any boxes and place in the front corner outside your booth for our cleaning crew to

collect. We will provide additional bags for any trash or a rake for smaller debris upon request. If teams are

staging behind your booth, you are responsible for cleaning the paintballs up from the ground. Please ask

our team if you need rakes or assistance.

Move Out

All scheduled pick-ups must be completed by 5:00 pm the Monday following the event, no exceptions. Be

sure to include all necessary paperwork in a waterproof plastic liner on your wrapped skid or container. Your

space should be completely clean and vacant by Monday afternoon to avoid additional charges.

For the betterment of the entire Trade Show, your booth MUST be open to the public until at least 4 PM on

Sunday. If you are a booth surrounding the main courtyard where the Awards Stage is located, you must stay

open Sunday until NXL Management approves booth closing.

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