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NXL Europe Barcelona Travel Announcement!

✈️⚠️✈️⚠️✈️⚠️✈️⚠️✈️⚠️✈️⚠️✈️⚠️✈️ Information regarding flying to Spain for the 2019 NXL Europe Barcelona-Costa Brava Open ‼️ ***You must submit (1) copy into within 2 WEEKS OF THE EVENT and ALSO make extra copies to take with you when you travel*** Please visit the event page here : Because guns are still classified as 4th category, Spanish players require a weapon permit (Tarjeta de armas*). *Obtaining this permit is subject to less stringent requirements than weapons licenses, and is granted by the mayors of the municipalities in which the applicants are domiciled or residing, having a limited validity to the r

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