Los Angeles Infamous Pick Up Nate Schroeder and Ryan Rodarte

📰 Los Angeles Infamous pick up Nate Schroeder & Ryan Rodarte for the 2018 National Xball League season ‼️

Coach, Travis Lemanski commented :

💬 "Both of these guys filled very specific team needs. I love the "attack" on both of those guys. They bring that aggressive Infamous style paintball back. Nate is an awesome #1 on any side of the field, very versatile weapon. We have been looking at him for years. With the added new bunkers on the layout, there will be lots of places to get lost up the gut and Ryan has proved he can find seams better than almost anyone. We think they will fit into squad perfectly."

What do you think about these new additions for Infamous❓

// NXLPaintball.com

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