Kyle Spicka to Los Angeles Ironmen

📰 ‼️Breaking News : Kyle Spicka leaves San Diego Dynasty and has returned to the Los Angeles Ironmen on a "multi-year agreement" with the team and DYE Paintball. The Ironmen stated, "With his explosive speed and a killer instinct for making quick in-game decisions, the Ironmen are pleased to have him back as a part of the team".

Eager and excited for the new season with the Ironmen, Kyle Spicka commented:

💬 “Back in 2010, I began my professional career with the Los Angeles Ironmen. I sat in a background role while I learned from the legends of our sport. During my early years in the pro circuit I developed my passion for the unique competitiveness that this game embodies. In the five years I was separated from the organization I was able to equip myself with the abilities to establish my place in professional paintball. I’m very excited to make my return to the Shield and help contribute to putting the Ironmen back on the top podium positions!

Dave Youngblood has been a pioneer in our sport and built an unprecedented infrastructure to support paintball worldwide. Since I started playing I’ve watched DYE Paintball hold the top-tier position in paintball through their cutting edge quality and leading edge products. It’s going to be a pleasure to use the best products in the game, including the #DYEM2 #MOSAir marker, #DYER2 loader, and #DYEi5Goggle System.”

Team Manager, Billy Wing, had this to say about the latest addition:

💬 “After the 2017 season, the Ironmen felt a franchise level snake player was possibly the most important part of the puzzle to secure success. Kyle Spicka has proven himself as arguably the best snake player in the league. Kyle's talent, previous tenure on the Ironmen, and personality made him the must-have snake player to get for the team. I could not be more excited to have him return to the Ironmen. What he brings to the team is undeniable and puts us on a path for an outstanding 2018 season.”

Head Coach, Todd Martinez, stated:

💬 “Kyle Spicka is an elite level talent that has been underutilized for too long. He showed championship grit when he put his team on his back to win the World Cup in 2015. Kyle began his pro career with the Ironmen and has grown significantly since 2010. I look forward to working with Kyle and I know his personality will fuse nicely with all the rest of the unique individuals on the team. I love his attitude and who he is as a person. I believe he will take our team back to the level that we expect.”

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