Harrison Frye to Seattle Thunder

📰 Breaking News : Seattle Thunder pick up stand out Semi-Pro player, Harrison Frye for 2018 season ‼️

Corey Field commented,

💬 "I met Harrison a few years ago when he was on Xtreme. Always thought he was a good player on the field with his gun skills and movement instincts. He is also a great ambassador off the field which we need more of in this sport.

He was one of the few guys that would message me constantly asking for a tryout and what he needed to do to get to that next level. Fully committed player, and I am happy and excited to see what he can do for Thunder in 2018."

Harrison Frye commented,

💬 "I'm extremely excited for the opportunity that Corey and Seattle Thunder have given me for the upcoming 2018 National Xball Leagueseason. I hope to bring my smart aggression to the team, and can continue to be that player that gets down the field and in peoples faces. During my time with New York Xtreme, I practiced against Thunder a handful of times, but I'm excited about being able to take the field alongside those guys and lend a hand in taking the team to the next level moving forward."

We are excited to see some more new blood hit the Pro bracket this season and can't wait to see what Harrison can bring to the table against the best in the business!

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