2020 World Cup Safety Procedures


The NXL World Cup is an outdoor event on a massive property which allows us to

spread everything and everyone out. Below are additional steps we are currently

planning on taking to keep the vendors, staff, and customers safe during this year’s


Please note that this is a fluid situation, and we may dial back or ramp up these efforts

depending on the situation in November.


 Each vendor must wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. 

 The NXL will conduct temperature checks of all staff members every morning. 

 The NXL has invested in fogger machines so we can disinfect areas such as the

VIP, toilets, vendor area, etc. 

 The NXL has purchased standing hand sanitizer dispensers, as well as several

large containers of disinfectant wipes for our staff to wipe down counters and

any other high-touch surfaces. 

 The NXL is mandating that our staff wear masks and will use signage to

encourage the public to wear masks as well. 

 Directional foot traffic pathways will be set up so attendees can maintain 6 feet of

distance between those walking in front of them, and not have to worry about

people walking closely towards them. 

 Plexiglass shields will separate customers from employees at NXL check-out



We have teamed up with 'Cleaner Lives' a sanitation company that specializes in

disinfectant devices such as fogger machines, hand-held foggers, and hand sanitizers

to ensure the cleanest and safest event possible for all attendees. Please contact for information on Cleaner Lives products for your booth or


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