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November 13th, 2022

Location : During NXL World Cup in Kissimmee, FL

Divisions included : Pro, Semi-Pro & WNXL

Throughout the course of the 2022 NXL Paintball season, teams will compete in tournaments around the world across four premier divisions (U.S. Pro, EU Pro, WNXL Women's Pro & Semi-Pro) for a chance to win a birth into the new & prestigious CHAMPIONS CUP event.

The NXL Champions Cup will feature only the best teams from the season as they come together in November during the World Cup to put their skills to the test in a high stakes, high payout format never seen before. Fans will have the opportunity to watch live over all three days of play as they all fight to become the 'Champion of all Champions'.


Pro Championship : 12 total teams (8 U.S. + 3 EU + 1 Latin American)

WNXL Women's Championship : 3 total teams

Semi-Pro Championship : 8 total teams

More information coming soon.



The winners of each US NXL major will advance directly to the Quarter-Finals (3 teams). If one teams wins multiple major events the remaining Quarter-Finals births will be filled by the top season ranked teams that did not win a major event. 


The winner of the EU Championship will receive a birth to the Quarter-Finals of the Champions Cup. 

The 2 highest season ranked teams that did not win the EU Championship will be invited to compete in the World Cup Pro Division.


Latin America

The winner of the Latin American Championship will be invited to compete in the World Cup Pro Division. 


World Cup Prelims 

20 Teams (17 U.S. Pro + 2 EU Pro + 1 NXL Latin American Pro)

4 Groups of 5 teams

Top 2 team from each group will advance to the Champions Cup wild Card round


Top 4 Seeding Round 

The 3 U.S. teams and 1 EU team that won births to the Champions Cup Quarter-Finals round will play a 3 game preliminary round to determine their seeding in the Champions Cup. 


Champions Cup Wild Card Round

The 8 teams that advance from the World Cup Preliminary round will compete in a Head-to-Head wild card round.  The four winning teams will advance to the Quarter-Finals round.



1st Place : $40,000

2nd Place : $10,000

3rd Place : $5,000      

4th Place : $5,000

5th-8th Place : $3,000  


1st Place : NXL Pro Spot (w/ free 2023 season entry)

2nd Place : $4,000

3rd Place : $2,000

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